Add Drama to Your Eyes

Add Drama to Your Eyes

We offer expert eyelash extensions in Billings, MT

Don’t be discouraged if you weren’t born with long, thick eyelashes. Carizzma Salon & Day Spa makes it easy to add natural-looking lashes to your beautiful eyes. We add lashes individually to get a lengthy, dramatic look. If you have blond eyelashes, we can tint them to match your extensions.

Get eyelash extensions in Billings. MT that will make you bat your eyes at everything. We also offer Microblading services, this is perfect for a natural looking permeant eyebrow. Call Carizzma Salon & Day Spa today to schedule an appointment.

3 benefits of eyebrow tinting services

Create a bolder brow by scheduling eyebrow tinting service in Billings, MT today. Carizzma Salon & Day Spa will work with you to match the shape and color you want. You should consider eyebrow tinting to:

  1. Even out the color of your natural brow
  2. Match your brows to your choice of hair dye
  3. Create the illusion your brows are thick or long

Call Carizzma Salon & Day Spa today to learn more.